About Wenyard

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About Wenyard


The Concept

Wenyard is a financial community.

Wenyard is a game, and Wenyard is for real.

Wenyard is education and Wenyard is pleasure.

Wenyard is a virtual economic world in which you compete against friends and to yourself. Wenyard is a financial community. If you are clever Wenyard is a way to make money.
By recommending Wenyard to friends and relatives, and by becoming a winner in the game itself.

The Wenyard Opportunity

Wenyard offers an opportunity for people who decides to help the company acquire visionary people to lay the foundation of this visionary idea. To keep things under control and to be able to handle the initial growth, not everyone will get the chance to become invited.

The Wenyard Trading Game

The game engine in Wenyard is developed by a group of people who have worked in the financial sector for many years. It is built so that actions in the game creates different reactions in exactly the same way as in the real financial world.


There is a stock exchange, you can trade in commodities and real estate, there are investments with high risk and low risk. Several days per week you receive the trading newsletter “WenNews”. There you can read about events that may affect the financial performance, such as political moves, new regulations on environment and finance issues, acquisitions, innovations, start-ups and more.
You can play Wenyard on your computer, on your tablet and on your mobile. Wenyard is always close to you.

The Wenyard story

Over the recent years, the two small European countries of Malta and Gibraltar have become the heart of the global online gaming world. Many of the world’s most famous gaming companies reside in these places. In the pubs and in restaurants the brilliant minds of the IT developers, the business management and operational staff meet to enjoy the vibrant life of the Mediterranean.
During these meetings and informal talks, some of these brilliant young people decided to create a new game. It should be based on different levels of skill, real world events and the dynamics of the real financial world. A whole new concept based on virtual stock trading with real life input was to be invented.
Out of the collaboration between several brilliant businesses and IT developers Wenyard was born.

It is the first ever virtual stock market game influenced directly by real word events. The developers wish to apply for a patent for the new game. This means that very little can be revealed until the patent is filed. So, for the 12 weeks pre-launch period, we will eagerly wait for the great launch. As a generous bonus for those who join during the pre-launch period, the value of the Wenyard Future Options (WFO) will increase weekly until the game is released.
From the gaming world, affiliate marketing is known to be the most effective way to generate business. With the same eager approach as in the development of the game itself, the group set out to create the most exciting MLM compensation plan ever.
The result is available to all: Wenyard.com

Company information

Leonardo Virtual Properties Ltd was established in February 2006 with the purpose to invest in new and innovative online systems and solutions. The company has always looked at new ideas and entrepreneurial companies or individuals where LVP can use our solid business experience combined with all our resources to create mind blowing results. Skill based games represent some of the most exciting projects in the online world today.
With the highly innovative, new skill based stock trading game in WenYard, LVP wish to bring skill based gaming up to a totally new level. LPV includes a skilled and experienced management team. With over three decades of high level international business experience, first class IT experience and working with entrepreneurs LVP is in the best possible situation to launch the most exciting of our projects so far, WenYard. LPV understand the power of the word of mouth marketing method and will wholeheartedly support the members who recommend this game to their friends.

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