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Get Easy Group rewiew


This Get Easy group review is made for you to understand the company and the business.

Get Easy Group rewiew examples:


I need 1 mobilephone and communication.

I go to a mobile communication company and they tell me that they have 3
mobile phones for me to choose one.

I choose the one I like and the company offers me.

But to offer me they ask me a 3 year contract. I accept that.

But to offer me the mobilephone FOR FREE someone has to pay. Who pays ?

The company asks the bank for a loan to buy 1 million cell phones in japan or korea to give to their customers, but with contract of 3 years.



I work in an office and need 1 copymachine.

I request a quote for a company for one copymachine.

The company present me 1 TOSHIBA copymachine and the cost is $ 4,000 dollars.

I say to the company that is very expensive and i don’t accept it.

The company makes me another proposal: make me a contract: putt he copymachine in my office FOR FREE and i pay for the copies i get. I accept that.

But someone has to pay for copymachine TOSHIBA to the factory in Japan.

Who pay ? The company ask for a loan in the bank and pays to the Toshiba Factory for the copymachine.

But the same company wants to put free 1000 copymachines on the market, in other offices. Requests the bank money to buy 1000 copymachines but the bank refuses him, because the Company is not a big Company, dont have support to ask so big loan. It only loan fo 10 … copymachine.



I have a distributing business, with 100 vehicles

I need to control the routes of my car, namely the time it takes to deliver the goods, and the time remaining in customers. And also want to check and see if my employees do family outings, or take the children to school with the cars of the company. And I need to control that on my computer.

So I need 100 Geolocators

I call for a specialist company cuotation

the company presents me Geolocators 100 X 250 X dollars + 19.90 euros each geolocator activation / month

$ 25,000 to install 100 Geolocators.

I refuse. I like the product, ist importante for my Company but too expensive, I do not accept!

The company gives me another solution: put me FOR FREE the 100 geolocators but with a 4 year contract … just pay the monthly activation of each GeoLocator

I accept that.

But to put the 100 geolocators FOR FREE someone has to pay that , who ?

The Company goes to the bank and ask for a loan?

No ¡!

Here the concept of GET EASY appears

GET EASY belongs to an enterprise group, and one is the German manufacturer Geolocators TACHOEASY

GET EASY proposes to individuals, as ME., as YOU, to buy Geolocators packs of 1 year, which puts them on the market, and pay tu us part of the 1st year that companies charge in their 4-year contracts







TACHOEASY not have to go to the bank, no loan refusals, not lack of funding, because we are the funders.



For example in a pack of 20 geolocators GET EASY wins in a contract of 4 years :

20 X 48 months X 19.90 € each month activation = 19.100 euros


and pays us : 300 € X 12 months = 3.600 euros



What I would want to tell you is that GET EASY has its sustainability beyond the multilevel

The multilevels survives with the joining of new members and the new members is to pay the first members

In GET EASY it have sustainability. There are contracts that make sustainability outside the MLM to pay investors members.


In GET EASY no need to invite to win. There are fixed bond payments on your back office on days 7,14, 21 and 28 and on the day that your package do 30 days of aquisition.

If you want to earn more you make team, invite new people to win binaries.

I have a vast network like I said, I have so much spill. My network does not stop, and it is with mixed from various countries.



My job for the ones that join my network is send people in one side …give a lot of points… to make my people to have half work….


They only need to open a DIRECT binary ( THE BLACK ONES in the picture ) and then all people in one side ( THE BROWN ONES ).

I send to them the BLUE ONES.




The geolocators market is also big, for example for india almost of them are for the containers , containers are a big big market , all of them need geolocators


If you register with a leader, you only work half, because you only need to put people in one side


Dont need to earn a lot of money to buy a expensive package.

It depends if you like to build team.


The lower package to win is 360 euros.

The 180 euros package is only for the ones that want to receive a geolocator, dont earn nothing.


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    How can I register into Geteasygroup with a loan, so as to pay back later.