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GetEasy Group GetTracker Geo Locator.

The first GetEasy line of products is GetTracker, a product in the geo-location field for vehicles, people, animals, cargo, fixed or movable assets, among other possibilities.

Geolocators are an essencial product for anyone, because it allows you to know where your vehicle or fleet are at any time, and even more.

This is all at zero cost, since GetEasy doesn’t charge the product, but only the use of the service.

GetEasy Group GetTracker products:





The GL200 is a portable locator with stylish design and compact, splash-proof and dust. This locator is designed for personal use and control of children, people with memory disorders, pet, asset tracking and even for your vehicle. The security needed at your fingertips.

You can always see the current position of the monitored person or property.

Whenever you need to, you can see the location of your device in real time over the web or on your phone (available in the Apple App Store). When used for personal use, provided that the person is in a place without GPS signal, such as garages, the equipment will provide you an indication of the last position where there was coverage of GPS signal.

Excellent battery life.

A fully charged battery provides about 48 hours of activity monitored continuously. When the device is not in use the battery goes into power saving mode, however, ensures that if there is no movement, the unit goes into standby mode. The result is that the device can remain active, usually for 24 hours.

SOS button.

The equipment has a panic button that, in case of danger or emergency, you can call for help. The SOS button can be activated at any time, and this will make a call to a number of pre-configured emergency, it will transmit its position immediately.

Main Features

• Panic button that can send an alert to predefined numbers.
• Real time tracking 2 for 2 min, following the panic button is pressed.
• The location data are not recorded by the system. Only after the SOS button is pressed, or be explicitly given this order via GetEasy Call Center.
• Access controlled and restricted data
• Ability to create a geographical area (GeoFence) and send an alarm if the device comes out of this geographical area.




G777 is a freestanding device ‘Connect & Go “, in clear accordance with the OBD-II standards.

These geolocaters are ideal for companies that want to ensure that their new vehicles are advancing with efficiently progress. This equipment allows you to monitor and track issues related to the environment, as the emission system of your vehicles and the various O2 sensors, including the fuel system status.




The G71 device is a geolocater of smaller size.

G71 is powered by an internal battery and has GSM interference in the detection system. With a door to the outside interface, also has distance, change of course, weather and I/O upload mode options. It is an easy device to be used and can be connected with microphone & speaker or RS232. Furthermore, it is designed with built-in motion sensor.




The G606 device is a smart Personal Tracking GPS.

Through advanced engineering and design, the G606 is revolutionizing the personal control industry, allowing consumers around the world to know the exact location of the device through keystrokes or simply by sending a simple command. The use of A-GPS (GPS assist) allows to locate someone within a certain area or indoors. Besides tracking capability, the device also works as a mobile device.

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Splash-proof and dust

The device is small, lightweight, durable and sturdy, not only the impact but also the splashes and dust.








Compact size

The device is very light and its compact size allows it to be placed anywhere, even on a dog leash.







Integrated overload sensor

The sensor provides saving battery when the device is not moving. It is also possible to detect a sudden fall of a person.





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