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Do you want to know more about GetEasy Group?Take 5 minutes of your precious time and pay attention to the information we’re going to give you about this company.
If you don’t have those 5 minutes to give real attention to this email … STOP right here, and re-read it later!!
If on the other hand have a few minutes to fully devote your attention …
Let’s start … “Question/Answer” style to be easier and faster:
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Frequent Questions and the answers about GetEasy Group .

1. What is GETEASY?

It’s the biggest company in the world operating in the commodate market (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodate)

2. Can I earn without recruiting or selling?

Yes you can. You can be an investor and earn a fixed income monthly (paid weekly).

3. WOW, I don’t have to refer, sell or make any daily task? Nor be qualified with at least 2 members like in other businesses?

To earn that fixed income you just have to invest and then sit back and count the money going to your account!!!

4. Can you give me a small example for those gains?

Sure, for instance: you buy a Premium package for 1.200 Euros ($1.580) and you earn 300 Euros/monthly (almost $400). You’ll be paid 56 Euros ($75) in the 7th, 14th, 21st and the 28th (4×56= 224€uros) plus a 76 Euros bonus each month (this 76 Euros Bonus is a promotion and can finish at any time).

5. When I buy a package what am I buying?

As I told you before this company is the nr.1 worldwide in Commodate and you commodate almost everything like computers, Office Furniture, Led Lighting, Car tracking equipments, and so on. At the moment the core business of the company are car tracking equipments. Geteasy celebrated a contract with a german company www.tachoeasy.de wich sell and install those equipments.
But now the market is changing and to be more competitive we participate in the company buying those equipments. Tachoeasy can now put the equipment in the final client with no cost and only charges the service.
Result: there is no competition in that market!! So the answer to the question is: when we buy packages we buy car tracking equipment to be commodated by them and one is for us because the product is real and you can prove it!!!
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6. How is it possible for GETEASY to pay us those ammounts and keep sustainable?

Tachoeasy makes the deal with the final client for 36 or 48 months. They share those earnings with us for 12 months and then they get all the profit untill the end of the contract (36 or 48 months). This is why the company is fully sustainable!
This is a business where all win:
we get paid for our investment (it will be tripled)
they (tachoeasy) puts car tracking equipment in the final client at zero cost
final client only pays for the service instead of what is usual.
Other companys in the same market charges for the equipment and for the service.

7. Do we have other sources of income in GETEASY?

Sure. That one that I’ve showed is for people who don’t want to work in network. Pure investement, and that is excelent for those who say that don’t want and that don’t know how to recruit. BUT, for people like us the company has a huge compensation plan that pays 50% of the binary cycle. There are 10 forms of income

8. Do you have an official presentation from the company?

You can download it in English or see it online here and please, take a look at those 10 forms of income

9. At last, what does it cost me right now and what can I earn?

  • Pack Light or Start costs 180€ and doesn´t have a fixed income. It´s only for those who want to create a network
  • Pack Light Plus or On costs 360€ and you will earn 68€ monthly fixed income and on top of that you receive a monthly bonus* of 22€. In total you receive 90€
  • Pack Standard or Fan costs 720€ and you will earn 136€ monthly fixed income and on top of that you receive a monthly bonu*s of 44€. In total you receive 180€
  • Pack Premium or Pop Star costs 1200€ and you will earn 224€ monthly fixed income and on top of that you receive a monthly bonus* of 76€. In total you receive 300€
  • Pack Supreme or Super Star costs 3200€ and you will earn 600€ monthly fixed income and on top of that you receive a monthly bonus* of 200€. In total you receive 800€

Commercial Proposal


*This bonus is a promotion. When this promotion is over, you’ll receive this bonus after your 1st 2 direct sales, one on your left team and one on your right team.
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